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A brief history of The Blue Beats

Created on 10 July 2012. Posted in Latest

... hits and a lot of other songs from the same era. Simon invited Scott to come and see the band which, by this time, had changed its name to The Blue Beats and was playing on the local pub circuit around ...


Created on 04 June 2012. Posted in Uncategorised

The Blue Beats have a huge repertoire, so big that it is not possible to list every song here.  However, here is a list of the most popular songs which they play... 50/60s Rock’n’Roll Rock Around ...


Created on 23 May 2012. Posted in Media

You can listen to some of our studio recordings by clicking on the names of the songs below... Whenever possible, we also update these on Youtube and our Facebook page. Studio Recordings by The Blue ...

Addicted to playing live music

Created on 18 March 2010. Posted in Latest

... every Beatles record, so I quickly learned as many Beatles songs as I could.  Then I started listening to other 50s and 60s music, and eventually got a bit more trendy and started listening to more contemporary ...

The Blue Beats are always learning new material

Created on 19 December 2008. Posted in Latest

... themselves and always try to learn new material to keep their set fresh.  Their repertoire and experience is so vast that they can often jam a song convincingly without even rehearsing it, adding a spontaneous ...