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The Blue Beats Duo at The Windsor Trooper, Windsor, Berkshire

Created on 08 August 2012. Posted in Events

After the successful launch of their new website, The Blue Beats received an enquiry from the new manager of The Windsor Trooper, leading to this booking on Saturday 1st September (2012). The show will ...

The Blue Beats Duo returns to O'Neills bar in Wimbledon

Created on 30 July 2012. Posted in Events

Following on from two great gigs at O'Neills in Wimbledon, The Blue Beats Duo has now been booked to perform twice more at this lively venue. The new dates are Friday 12th October and Friday 9th November ...

The Blue Beats Band

Created on 21 July 2012. Posted in Uncategorised

For larger venues and when the requirement exists for a full live band sound, Scott and Andy are joined by Roy and Tim. The Blue Beats band has been playing covers of popular music hits for over ...

The Blue Beats Duo at O'Neills bar in Sutton

Created on 11 July 2012. Posted in Events

After two successful gigs at O'Neills in Wimbledon, The Blue Beats Duo has now been booked to perform at O'Neills in Sutton on Thursday 23rd August 2102. The duo will perform its usual mixture of Rock'n'Roll, ...

The Blue Beats Duo at The Sportsman, Reading

Created on 21 June 2012. Posted in Events

The Blue Beats return for another gig at The Sportsman, Reading. Another great opportunity to hear The Blue Beats Duo as Scott and Andy return perform a selection of favourites from Elvis, Buddy Holly, ...


Created on 23 May 2012. Posted in Media

You can see below a number of video recordings of some of The Blue Beats' live performances. Whenever possible, we update these on our Youtube and Facebook pages. The Blue Beats Duo These recordings ...

Addicted to playing live music

Created on 18 March 2010. Posted in Latest

Scott Lewis, the rhythm guitarist and one of the members of The Blue Beats Duo, admits to being addicted to playing live. "I have loved music all of my life," he says. "I played a number of musical instruments ...

Gig Dates

Created on 17 March 2010. Posted in Uncategorised

You can come and see The Blue Beats at public bookings on the dates listed below... TO BOOK THE BLUE BEATS CALL 07866 765575

The Blue Beats are always learning new material

Created on 19 December 2008. Posted in Latest

The Blue Beats love to learn new material to keep their set fresh. Originally formed back in 1982, the band has undergone a number of changes in its line-up and its act has evolved to meet customer demand ...

About Us

Created on 19 December 2008. Posted in Uncategorised

... Harrow area of North-West London. They originally started playing gigs around this area, but as they have moved further afield, so has their fanbase. Roy now lives in Bournemouth, Scott lives in Reading, ...