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The Blue Beats are always learning new material

The Blue Beats love to learn new material to keep their set fresh.

Originally formed back in 1982, the band has undergone a number of changes in its line-up and its act has evolved to meet customer demand and changes music in the music scene.

Originally the set was a mixture of 50s and 60s Rock'n'Roll, interspersed with hits by contemporary bands such as The Police, The Jam, Bryan Adams.

Over the years, the performance has become more polished and an element of witty banter has evolved to help charm the audience.

The members of Blue Beats duo and band take great pleasure in seeing an audience enjoying themselves and always try to learn new material to keep their set fresh.  Their repertoire and experience is so vast that they can often jam a song convincingly without even rehearsing it, adding a spontaneous feeling of improvisation to their show.


Addicted to playing live music

Scott Lewis, the rhythm guitarist and one of the members of The Blue Beats Duo, admits to being addicted to playing live.

"I have loved music all of my life," he says. "I played a number of musical instruments at school - the recorder, the violin and the oboe, but I didn't pick up a guitar until the age of seventeen. Then I was hooked.

"I had just gone through a teenage phase of collecting and listening to every Beatles record, so I quickly learned as many Beatles songs as I could.  Then I started listening to other 50s and 60s music, and eventually got a bit more trendy and started listening to more contemporary artistes as well.

I have an ear for harmony, so acts like The Everly Brothers, Simon & Garfunkel and The Eagles really appeal to me.  I usually have one of their albums on in my car when I'm driving along.  Other road users probably think I'm a bit of a nutter when they see me shooting along, singing at the top of my voice.

"My first love is guitar-based music - not too heavy, though - so when Oasis came along as part of the Britpop scene in the early to mid-90s, I couldn't resist them.

"I feel really lucky that I met Andy and the rest of the guys in the band and so much enjoy playing my music to a live audience - it's better than any drug, and highly addictive."


A brief history of The Blue Beats

The original founder members of The Blue Beats were Andy Farmer and Simon Gaynor.

Andy and Simon first met at Welldon Park Middle School in South Harrow when they were just seven years old.  They quickly became friends and later developed a common love of music.  At the age of twelve they both learned to play the guitar in music classes at Rooks Heath High School and were encouraged by their music teacher to form a band which went on to play at various school events and local fetes as The Reflections.  Later, due to their love of 60s Beat music, they changed the name of the band to The Blue Beats.

A few years later, Simon met Scott Lewis at Harrow Weald Sixth Form College.  Scott had just taken up learning the guitar and, as their friendship blossomed, Simon showed Scott the chords for all the main Beatles hits and a lot of other songs from the same era.

Simon invited Scott to come and see the band which, by this time, had changed its name to The Blue Beats and was playing on the local pub circuit around Harrow and Watford.  However, one of the band members left due to work commitments and things fizzled out for a while.

Some time later, after many jamming sessions at their various homes, Andy and Simon invited Scott to help them re-start the band and they quickly found a drummer, Tim Sowter, to join them.  Tim had been in Scott's tutor group at college and had been playing in a Progressive Rock band, Omicron.

The four band members quickly built a winning rapport and an equally appealing set and began gigging around their home areas of Harrow and Watford.  Despite Simon, Scott, and Tim taking breaks to go to various different universities, the four members of the band re-grouped regularly to play a variety of gigs, including some major student festivals at Reading University and Plymouth Polythechnic.

As their experience and confidence grew, the band began to play more up-market events such as weddings and corporate events, and still enjoy doing so to this day.  During this time, they experimented with a couple of other names, The Nowheres and Strangely Normal, but came back to using The Blue Beats as it seemed most appropriate.

Sadly, Simon developed an incurable illness in 2002 and died two years later.  Scott and Andy continued to play as a duo, developing shows paying tribute to The Beatles, The Everly Brothers, Simon & Garfunkel, Oasis and The Eagles, and the band has now reformed with Simon's father, Roy, also an experienced musician, singing and playing bass.

"It is a fitting tribute to my son that we keep the band going," says Roy, "and in some ways it helps me maintain my connection to him."

The Blue Beats are available as a duo or as a four-piece band, playing a mixture of Rock and Pop covers and can also appear as a tribute act.