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About Us

The Blue Beats have a huge amount of experience, having played together for over twenty-five years.

The members of The Blue Beats covers duo are Scott Lewis on vocals and rhythm guitar and Andy Farmer on vocals and lead guitar.

When required, they can appear as a four-piece band, playing with Chas Maguire on vocals and bass guitar and Tim Sowter on drums.

All four members grew up in and around the Harrow area of North-West London. They originally started playing gigs around this area, but as they have moved further afield, so has their fanbase.

Roy now lives in Bournemouth, Scott lives in Reading, Andy is in Watford and Tim has stayed near Harrow.

Now The Blue Beats duo and band play all over London and the South-East of England.

All four members of the band have long years of experience playing live gigs at private parties, Summer festivals, bars and live music clubs.